lunes, 30 de noviembre de 2009


Este es un Reanult 4CV de la Policía de París del año 1956. Lorenzo 271 publicó fotos en su blog. ¿Alguien sabe algo de él? A mí me gustaba mucho su blog.

La escala es 1/43.

Imagen del coche.

3 comentarios:

José António dijo...

Mais um clássico da Renault. Excelente miniatura.

Tb já reparei que o blog Scale Model Fan está parado à muito tempo... o que se passará?

lorenzo721 dijo...

Nice model indeed, and over all thanks to both of you for your friendly remarks.

Scale Model Fan is rather dormant right now - keeping the pace of one post per day was extremely time consuming. But don't worry: I should post again any time soon. Those days I'm taking pictures of more models in preparation for these future posts. Thanks again to you guys for your kind comments! :)

interdomin dijo...

We miss you... and your blog. Wellcome again. We are waiting your new posts.